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What Super Bowl LIII Taught Us About The NFL And How It Pertains To The Buccaneers

The NFL is shifting.

It is about large scoring, large octane offenses. The video game has advanced to reward the passing attack. It is not about halting your opponent, it’s about basically outscoring them.

Until eventually it’s not.

The Los Angeles Rams and Kansas City Chiefs had been less than the brilliant lights of Monday Night Football in 7 days eleven, where the Rams won 54-51. All we listened to soon after that was “this is the new NFL.” That the NFL was now a video game where defense was irrelevant and it was about factors, factors, and additional factors. It was about quarterbacks and receviers getting yards at a record clip. The functioning back posture was becoming replaced by platoons and teams that drafted functioning backs in the best 10 had been criticized because they are “a dime a dozen” and “you can generally obtain individuals guys in the later rounds.”

Amusing. The additional issues modify, the additional they keep the identical.

Offense wins games, sells tickets, sells jerseys, has catapulted fantasy football into a multi-billion dollar marketplace that individuals have been enjoying for any duration of time by no means would have imagined. Protection, having said that, wins championships.

A 13-3 victory for the New England Patriots – their greatest margin of victory in their sixth championship inspite of it becoming the most affordable scoring Super Bowl history – transpired on the back of a defense that stifled just one of the league’s most prolific offenses as effectively as their commitment to the operate video game.

Was it an outlier? Was it an anomoly? No, not truly.

Super Bowl LII showcased the Eagles and Patriots who experienced the fourth and fifth rated scoring defenses. Super Bowl LI showcased the Patriots and Falcons who experienced the 1st and twenty-seventh rated scoring defenses (no shock the twenty-seventh rated defense blew a 28-3 lead, suitable?). Super Bowl L showcased the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers which experienced the fourth and sixth rated scoring defenses. Super Bowl XLIX? The Patriots and Seahawks, The 1st and eighth rated scoring defenses.

See a pattern below? Which include Super Bowl LIII, the past 5 Super Bowls have showcased just two teams – the Atlanta Falcons and Los Angeles Rams – who experienced defenses rated exterior of the best 10. People two teams? Well, they each missing. In simple fact, the team in the very last 5 yrs with the greater rated scoring defense, not offense, but greater rated scoring defense has long gone on to acquire the Lombardi.

In simple fact, the only team of individuals past 5 Super Bowls to acquire the Lombardi when averaging additional factors for each video game than their opponent was the Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX. Even then, they do not acquire if Russell Wilson arms the ball to Marshawn Lynch at the two garden line instead than throwing the ball and receiving picked off by Malcom Butler.

That brings me to my subsequent stage – functioning the ball. Both the Rams and the Patriots completed in the best 5 in the NFL in speeding in 2018. A single team rode that to victory through the postseason with rookie Sony Michel. The Rams? Well, inspite of getting the best functioning back in the NFL, they got absent from the operate video game soon after defeating the Cowboys and their offense by no means uncovered its rhythm yet again.

Of individuals Super Bowls that I mentioned, only two teams produced it to the large video game when ending exterior the best 10 in speeding – the Denver Broncos (SB L) and the Patriots (SB XLIX).

The additional issues modify, the additional they keep the identical.

It is excellent that the Buccaneers have been placing up offense figures at a record clip. Some pointed to that as a explanation to hold Dirk Koetter following the period. At the close of the working day, the Buccaneers failed in two crucial classes – speeding, where they rated twenty-ninth in 2018 and scoring defense, where they completed 30-1st only beating out Oakland by .2 factors for each video game.

These are the obtrusive concerns. You can stage the finger at Jameis Winston all you want, but he does plenty of to make the team aggressive. The Bucs put up lots of factors around the past three seasons, but only once had been they in contention for a postseason berth. That was 2016 when they completed 9-7 and experienced the fifteenth rated scoring defense.

Think about that – they experienced a defense that was continue to allowing 23.1 factors for each video game, but experienced a profitable record because the offense, sans operate video game, does just fine.

When Bruce Arians was hired, Bucs supporters had been past thrilled. A mentor with a pedigree that could appear in and get this team where it wanted to be. That could elevate Jameis Winston to be the quarterback several anticipated him to be.

But that really should be the least of the problems for Bucs supporters.

It is about the acquisitions they make on the defensive aspect of the ball and pounding the rock. The most critical seek the services of that was produced soon after Arians was Todd Bowles. Without having Arians, there is no Bowles, and that is a dude that can get the defense to the level they need to have to be to contend in the postseason.

Are we asking Bowles to have the number just one defense in football? Unquestionably not. It would be pleasant, do not get me mistaken, but not necessary. Just get the Bucs into the best third of the league. That is all they need to have. The offense puts up plenty of factors to acquire games, they just get beat by their own defense becoming a sieve.

It is about who is heading to be the ball carrier and the line in front of him to build area. The Bucs will have to address the offensive line and functioning back positions through cost-free agency and the draft. Once again, not hunting for the number just one speeding attack – just get them in the best 50 percent.

This team, as it’s produced now, is not that much absent. It truly isn’t. Two 5-11 finishes in a row might say in any other case, but the team has expertise. It has playmakers. What it didn’t have was management from the staff. What it didn’t have was a technique or scheme it could realize success in. This isn’t a rebuilding project. This is plug in the coaches, a several gamers, and a scheme to increase the players’ strengths and this team contends.

But it all begins with defense.

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