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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Inspired Christmas Carols

It’s Christmas, Bucs fans! Hope all of you are enjoying your family, your friends, and all the treats Santa Claus brought you!

Since there won’t be much in the way of Buccaneers news today (hopefully), I thought I would have a little fun for your reading and singing pleasure. For those of you that have followed my work elsewhere you know this isn’t my first venture into such a task. Two years ago I did the Buccaneers’ version of “Twas The Night Before Christmas” and last year I provided some classic Christmas carol parodies that were Bucs-centric.

Time to have some fun yet again. And, as its been in previous years, special thanks to my dad, Al Yarcho, on his assistance in the festivities.

So, without further ado, here is the Bucs Christmas carols for 2018. Enjoy!

*Sung to the tune of “All I Want For Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey*

I don’t want a lot for Christmas, there is just one thing I need

I don’t care about this coach staff, or the failures that they bring

I just want to see the guy, red Kangol hat lookin fly

Glazers make my wish come true, baby all I want for Christmas is Bruce!

I won’t ask for much this Christmas, I won’t even wish for snow

I’m just gonna keep on praying Arians will run the show

I won’t make online petitions, urging Licht to make the call

I won’t even stand at One Buc, screaming loud for one and all

Holding on to hope so tight, oh please Glazers make this right

What more can I do? All I want for Christmas is Bruce!

*Sung To The Tune Of “Little Drummer Boy”*

Dirk Is Getting Tossed Out On His Bum

It Wouldn’t Happen If He Had Just Won

A New Regime Will Reign For Glory To Come

To Bring A Playoff Berth And A Bowl To Be Won

Bowl To Be Won

Bowl To Be Won

First Koetter Must Be Thrown Out On His Bum

A New Coach To Come

*Sung To The Tune Of “Jingle Bell Rock”*

It’s A Bucs, It’s A Bucs, It’s A Bucs Life,

Suffering Here and Losing It There.

Choking, Imploding, Draft Talk Too Soon,

This Team Brings Us Nothing But Doom And Gloom.

It’s A Bucs, It’s A Bucs, It’s A Bucs Life,

Off-season Dreams Lead To In Season Screams.

Frustration Is Building A Day At A Time,

Since The Collapse Of ‘09.

What A Dark Time, It’s The Right Time,

To Ship This Staff Away.

Oh This Bucs Life Is A Rough Life

Yet Here We Are Sticking With Them Anyway.

*Sung To The Tune Of “Up On The Housetop”*

Over At One Buc, Great Minds Think,

How Do We Stop This Ship Sink?

Start With The Purge Of High Priced Guys,

DJax, Gerald, Say Your Byes.

Ho, Ho, Ho, Who Else’ll Go? Ho, Ho, Ho, Who Else’ll Go?

Over At One Buc, Must Think Quick!

Give Fans A Team Won’t Make Them Sick!

Out With The Coaches, Make Big Moves,

Sign Free Agents Who Hate To Lose.

Crush It In The Draft, Add To The Core,

Built A Defense So Teams Can’t Score.

Ho, Ho, Ho, Who Else’ll Go? Ho, Ho, Ho, Who Else’ll Go?

Over At One Buc, Must Be Right

Or We’re Back Where We Started In Three To Five.

*Sung to the tune of A Few Of My Favorite Things*

It started with Magic then quickly went sour,

The juice in the pewter soon lost all its power.

A season all filled-up with heartbreak and strife,

This is how it goes when it’s a Bucs Life.

Three game suspensions then rotating QB’s,

Kickers that can’t kick, an unemployed DC,

So just go and cut-out my heart with a knife,

This is how it goes when it’s a Bucs life.


Costly fumbles,

The extra point is wide.

Has anyone seen anything of Ronald Jones?

We haven’t, but we’ve sure tried.

It’s almost over, there’s drama unfolding.

Before it begins they’ll get ten yards for holding.

Draft picks to screw up, new coach Bernard T. Fife,

This is how it goes when it’s a Bucs life.


Man in motion,

Another injury.

I’m counting the days ‘til the Rays take the field

And relieve me of this misery.

Hope you all enjoyed this fun little play on some favorite songs. Unfortunately, it’s a lot of doom and gloom but that’s what this season has brought. Hopefully next season’s play list is more fun and happy.

I wish you all a wonderful, joyous Christmas and a safe, happy new year!

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