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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Coach Bruce Arians Claims He Got ‘C’ On His Medial Evaluation

David Hookstead | Reporter

Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians sounded pumped about his physical results.

Arians said the following during a Tuesday appearance on 98.7 FM in Phoenix, according to

Man, they gave me this unbelievable physical. They said I got a C. That’s like the best news I’ve had in like 10 years: I got a C on the physical. Yeah, I mean, Cs were always great for me … you know what I mean. When you’ve been an F health-wise for 10 years, a C is great.

I have never heard a guy speak with so much joy about getting a “C” on a physical exam. You’d think the guy just won the lottery with the way he’s talking. A C? Can you believe it? Yeah, I don’t find that too hard to believe at all. (RELATED: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Hire Bruce Arians As Head Coach)

Look, I’m not making fun of people who are out of shape. I wasn’t always the physical freak specimen I am these days.

Yes, I was born with incredible genetics in DNA, but once upon a time, I was chugging Mountain Dew. Not anymore. Now, I’m well on my to getting a shot in the NFL. These shredded abdomen didn’t show up by accident.

So, please understand I wouldn’t ever make fun of somebody’s physical stature. I wouldn’t do that.

However, I’m also a big believe in excellence, and I’m not sure the Bucs new coach being pumped about an average grade is really the pursuit of excellence. (RELATED: Here Are The Best Moments You Might Have Missed From The NFL Divisional Playoff Games)

Is this the attitude he’ll be bringing to Tampa Bay? That doesn’t sound like a Super Bowl mentality to me.

Again, I’m saying this as a guy who once upon a time wasn’t a freak of nature athlete. Make sure to consider that when evaluating my remarks and thoughts.

Props to Arians for not failing, but I still feel like we can do better down in Tampa. Just a little food for thoughts.

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