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Scottie Pippen sues former tenants of Fort Lauderdale mansion, alleges they trashed his property

Former Chicago Bulls star Scottie Pippen probably won’t be leasing out his mansion any time soon.

According to South Florida local news station WPLG 10, Pippen is suing an attorney and her husband after they allegedly trashed his Fort Lauderdale mansion when they rented the multi-million dollar waterfront property.

“In a lawsuit filed in Broward County Circuit Court this week, Pippen said Lindsay Glazer Woloshin and Jacob Woloshin rented his home in the Harbor Beach neighborhood for $30,000 a month after their primary residence was damaged by Hurricane Irma.

The lawsuit alleges the couple used the house for commercial purposes and allowed the property to fall into disrepair. The suit said the couple missed rent payments and the Woloshins’ pets caused significant damage to the house by urinating on carpets, floors and furniture, the suit said.”

While that’s a story in itself, the lawsuit is full of twists and turns. That would be because the lawsuit alleges that the aforementioned attorney, Lindsay Glazer Woloshin, is a member of the wealthy Glazer family who owns the NFL‘s Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The problem is, she’s not related to the Glazer family.

Woloshin, who also performs as a standup comedian, managed to take a jab at Pippen when commenting on the lawsuit.

“If I’m a member of that Glazer family, that’s news to me,” Woloshin said. “If that were the case, we would have leased from Michael Jordan instead.”

Part of the lawsuit also alleges that Pippen’s knife set is missing from the mansion. In responding to the lawsuit, Woloshin set up a GoFundMe page to replace Pippen’s knife set. The page has now raised $31 after an initial objective goal of $14.

In keeping up with the aspect of taking jabs at one another, Woloshin also managed to take another jab at the former Bulls star through the GoFundMe page.

“Making the list of the most financially irresponsible players in NBA history is no easy feat, so we’re turning to the public to help him out in these trying times,” Glazer Woloshin said. “While we’re not responsible for the alleged damage and missing items he and his attorneys claim, we want to raise the whole $13.83 by turning to Mr. Pippen’s fans.”

It’s probably better that Pippen is deciding to sell his 9,782 square-foot home, which is on the market for a cool $9.8 million.

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