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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Recent Buccaneers history is downright sad

On Thursday, the official Twitter account of Sunday Night Football on NBC posed a question: of the NFL teams with one Super Bowl win, which is the best franchise?

You could probably make a valid argument for a number of those teams being the answer to the question. But that’s not really what I took away from that graphic. What really hit me as I looked at those teams is just how much worse the Bucs have been than the rest of them in recent history. It got me thinking about Tampa Bay’s status in the NFL, which definitely isn’t a good one right now.

The Eagles won the Super Bowl last year. The Rams are playing for the Lombardi Trophy this year. The Chiefs and Saints just barely missed out on playing for their second Super Bowl victories this past Sunday. The Seahawks made the playoffs this year and have been a solid team for the last several years, even playing for a second trophy the year after winning their first. The Bears got to the postseason this year as well, and appear set to contend for the foreseeable future behind a young quarterback and a defense with a ridiculous amount of talent.

Even the Jets (yes, THE NEW YORK JETS) have played for an AFC Championship this decade. Sure, it’s fair to say that New York has had a rough time since that loss in the 2010 playoffs. But even still, that franchise has had success more recently than the Bucs. Tampa Bay hasn’t been to the playoffs in this decade. It hasn’t won a postseason game since winning the Super Bowl on Jan. 26, 2003. That’s just sad, folks.

The good news is, the Bucs might be one good year away from losing their “laughing stock” status. Talent hasn’t really been the main issue for Tampa Bay, which is why hopes are high for the team under new head coach Bruce Arians, who has a proven track record.

Plus, at least the Bucs have a Lombardi Trophy. Everyone go ahead and wave at the Bengals, Bills, Browns, Cardinals, Chargers, Falcons, Jaguars, Lions, Panthers, Texans, Titans and Vikings. I guess things could be worse…

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