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Motivating Factor For Tampa Bay?

Tampa Bay is 3rd overall in yards per game, 1st in passing yards per game, and averaging roughly 25 points per game. Why have defenses struggled to keep the Bucs offense in check?

I could probably boil it down to one word. Weapons. Mike Evans, DeSean Jackson, Adam Humphries, Chris Godwin, Cam Brate, OJ Howard combine to be (in my incredibly biased but not necessarily wrong) opinion the best group of pass catchers in the league. Plus they bring such different skillsets to the table that no matter where you are on the field, you have at least one weapon who seems tailor-made for that down and distance. Jameis has his security blankets in Adam Humphries and Cam Brate. Both aren’t afraid to go over the middle and Brate is a touch down and red zone machine. You have Evans who is big and athletic enough to make a catch against anyone anywhere on the field, and Jackson as a constant big play threat that helps give the rest of the guys room to work. Even if one or two guys have an off game, or a team has a “lock down” corner, there are plenty of other guys to pick up the slack.

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