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Miserable? Maybe the Buccaneers are to blame, ESPN rankings show

Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans: Have you been feeling despondent, more irritable than usual? Have you had trouble concentrating? Have you lost interest in activities you used to enjoy?

You’ll be (probably not) happy to know that ESPN has quantified your suffering. Thanks to its Sports Misery Index, published Thursday, you have ammunition the next time someone tells you to cheer up. According to the index, the Bucs are 15th-most miserable franchise in U.S. professional sports and the sixth-most miserable franchise in the NFL.

The explanation: “The franchise started out by losing 26 consecutive games and hasn’t gotten much better since.”

Ouch. ESPN even somehow managed to spin the Bucs’ Super Bowl XXXVII victory into a negative.

“That one glorious moment is also the last time the Buccaneers won a playoff game, and they combined for as many playoff victories that season (three) as they’ve had in the other 41 years of the franchise. That’s bad enough, but Super Bowl appearances by each of their NFC South rivals (including a championship by the Saints) make things even worse.”

The NBA’s Sacramento Kings topped the index. The Browns, Bills, Bears, Jets and Lions are the only NFL teams that ranked ahead of the Bucs.

Yes, it’s sad. But look at the bright side: This means you’re entitled to complain more frequently and more intensely than the fans of 108 teams. They can’t relate to your pain.

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