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Kyle Shanahan’s coaching staff draws scrutiny

SANTA CLARA — A year ago, the 49ers were 1-10. Now, they’re 2-9. Progress! If that’s not enough to soothe 49ers fans, here is a Tuesday morning mailbag:

Don’t you think that coming off a bye, playing against one of the worst Ds in recent memory, the 49ers should have been much better prepared? I know the talent is not there (GM!?), but why is nobody questioning the coaching aside from Saleh (it seems)? (@Nik_8686)

Very valid points. Kyle Shanahan heaped blamed on himself — and all 49ers — for that 27-9 trash in Tampa. Shanahan strikes me as very loyal to his staff, but it will be interesting to what other teams’ assistants become available in January. As for last weekend, as bad as cross-country games typically go, this coaching crisis was compounded by Marquise Goodwin’s abrupt leave for personal issues and then Reuben Foster’s implosion.

I’m visiting San Francisco for the Broncos vs Niners. What is a must do? First time in San Francisco! I didn’t want to ask about the defense… so tourist tips it is! (@fperez2231) 

Welcome to Santa Clara, er, San Francisco. Union Square for holiday shopping. Go for a stroll along The Embarcadero (wink at Pier 39, make it to Crissy Field for Golden Gate views). Dine in North Beach. Hit Coit Tower. Visit Union Street, the Marina, Chinatown, everywhere. Then wake up in time for the hour drive to Levi’s Stadium.

Robert Saleh should or shouldn’t be defensive coordinator next year? (@Jeremy_cheatham)

The Niners’ defense is a persistent problem, and even though the run defense is improved from a couple years ago, the pass rush and pass coverage are no match for today’s pass-oriented offenses. Shanahan, who’s been quite open amid turmoil, hasn’t chastised Saleh. If a better option surfaces on the coach market, that could lead to change.

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