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Jameis Winston front and center in new Bucs promotional video


Updated: October 10, 2018 at 05:23 PM

Jameis Winston was noticeably absent from the Bucs’ marketing efforts before the start of the season, most visibly missing from the banners that adorn the four corners outside Raymond James Stadium.

But any concerns the organization might have had about their quarterback and former No. 1 overall pick seem to have been alleviated by his return last week from a three-game suspension.

Winston, suspended by the NFL for groping a female Uber driver in Arizona in March 2016, is the centerpiece of a promotional video tweeted out by the Bucs this morning.

In the video, Winston arrives at the Bucs’ indoor practice facility as the lights are being turned on. He laces up his cleats, does an agility drill and fires passes at downfield targets.

“Here’s what I know,” Winston says in the video. “I know about the grind, about laying out the groundwork. I know about one more rep, one more rep, one MORE rep. And one more after that.”

Then, after a brief cutaway to a video of him pumping his fist in celebration during a 2017 win over the Bears, Winston delivers the money line.

“I know where this team is going,” he says, taking a ball from a bag and dropping back to pass. “So, you raise the flags, and we’ll fire the cannons.”

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