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It seems that Madden knows something the Buccaneers don’t

Madden called it. Again.

The Buccaneers, despite their revamped defense, are on pace to win five or six games, just as the video game predicted months ago.

In August, this intrepid journalist downloaded Madden NFL 19 and simulated the season 10 times. The Bucs’ most common finish was 5-11. On average, they won 5.4 games.

The game’s accuracy is no fluke. Unless the Bucs win four of their final seven games, Madden will come within a game of predicting their win-loss record for the fourth straight season.

In 2015, the game predicted five wins. The Bucs won six.

In 2016, it predicted eight wins. The Bucs won nine.

In 2017, it predicted six wins. The Bucs won five.

Getting weird, isn’t it? Maybe the game knows something the Bucs don’t.

Hey, Madden, who should be the quarterback in 2019?

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