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Five teams that can help Green Bay get a higher draft pick

Five teams that can help the Green Bay Packers get a higher draft pick in Week 16.

Until the season ends, a big question among the fan base is whether we want the Green Bay Packers to finish strong with two wins, or to lose both games and secure a higher draft pick.

An argument can be made either way, and the fact is the Packers will be preparing to win both games. Just as they should.

But while the Packers will be attempting to finish the season on a positive note, as a fan I won’t be disappointed if they lose both. If they win, great, but if not, that’s fine too.

I’m not a big believer in momentum carrying over into the following season, especially considering the Packers will be making big changes to the roster and will be hiring a new head coach in the coming weeks. The 2019 Green Bay Packers will look completely different to the current team.

So, if you’re hoping this team loses out and gets a higher draft pick, this article is for you. If you hope the Packers win both games, this post probably won’t be your cup of tea.

In this scenario we’ll assume the Packers lose to the New York Jets. If so, these are the teams to support in Week 16 to help Green Bay get a higher draft pick:

Buffalo Bills (at Patriots)

This one’s probably a bit of a long shot with Buffalo heading to New England, but a Bills win would give them a better record than Green Bay.

New York Giants (at Colts)

Another tough game for the New York Giants, who don’t have anything to play for at this stage. The Colts are playing great football right now so it’s unlikely the Giants pull off the win.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (at Cowboys)

At 5-9, the Buccaneers currently own the eighth overall pick, according to Tankathon. It certainly doesn’t help that the teams directly ahead of Green Bay in the draft order all play on the road against playoff contenders this week.

Detroit Lions (vs. Vikings)

The good news here is that Detroit plays at home. The Lions have been inconsistent in 2018, but they have put together some strong home performances with victories over Green Bay, New England and Carolina. Could the Lions get another big home win this week?

The Packers meet the Lions at Lambeau Field in Week 17. That game could determine which team has the higher draft pick.

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Atlanta Falcons (at Panthers)

Looking at the Falcons’ schedule, it’s possible they could win out. It starts this week on the road against a Panthers team that has lost six straight and will be without Cam Newton. Newton won’t play in Carolina’s final two games of the season due to a shoulder injury, according to David Newton of ESPN.

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