DeSean Jackson’s tenure with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers looks to have come to an end, and it’s incidentally a messy affair, with both sides entered in a convoluted PR battle. It didn’t have to be this way, but such is the business of professional football. Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times reported last week that several attitude issues permeated over DeSean’s time as a Buccaneer.

Rick Stroud writes, “Interviews with coaches and players confirm that Jackson was fined extensively for being late to meetings and sometimes fell asleep in them. He rarely took notes. It got worse in the final months. Jackson refused to play catch with one of his coaches one day before practice and was told to sit out.”

Then on Thursday, DeSean Jackson posted a suggestive photo of him wearing a throwback Iverson jersey, on his Instagram page furthering rumors he wanted a 2nd chance with the Philadelphia Eagles, the team that drafted him a decade ago. However cryptic, his message was later confirmed to be accurate by people “in the know” over at ESPN, who were first to publish reports that he wanted out of Tampa Bay by season’s end. Would DeSean Jackson reunion really benefit the Eagles next season? Hit us with your thoughts.