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Cowboys, Giants inactives for regular season finale

For the Dallas Cowboys, and any team heading into the playoffs, health will decide their fate.

It’s why although they understand the need to re-establish momentum after losing it to the Indianapolis Colts in Week 15, the Cowboys are keenly aware of the dangers that await them in the regular season finale against the New York Giants. It’s an inconsequential game, thanks to Dallas having clinched the NFC East with their 27-20 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but resting on their laurels could be dangerous. This Sunday’s game will need to be managed very carefully from the Cowboys’ standpoint, mixing in the want of a win with the protection of key players only one week ahead of NFC Wild Card Weekend.

For the Giants, it’s ironically the same thought process, but for a very different reason. Already eliminated from playoff contention, they don’t want to lose star players to injuries that could cost them time in 2019. It’s with all of this in mind both teams have selected their inactives for the regular season finale.

The goal is to play competitive football today, but to figure out how to get the win and leave physically feeling the same way they did when they stepped on the field this Sunday. 

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