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Bucs considered making two throws into end zone instead of the trick play in Atlanta

TAMPA — Bucs offensive coordinator Todd Monken toyed with the idea of maybe taking two shots at the end zone in the final seven seconds of the Bucs 34-29 loss at Atlanta last Sunday.

“I thought about that,” Monken said. “Before that we ran a play taking a shot in the end zone. We didn’t get it there. Wound up throwing it away, which is part of it. You certainly can’t take a sack. I was trying to debate whether to get it to the end zone, was it going to take seven seconds? We got a look that for what we called, I really did think we had a chance at it. I’m not going to go into in terms of how we designed it. But we didn’t execute it.”

The play featured quarterback Jameis Winston on a draw play to attract defenders from the perimeter and then throwing the ball back across the field to Jackson. But nothing replaces game time speed.

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“I mean, that’s the biggest thing. Obviously, when we’ve repped it, it’s hard to demonstrate how the defense reacts and we obviously didn’t do a good job of executing how we wanted it to play out,” Monken said.

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