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Buccaneers Players Aim to Make their Mark on Tampa Bay Through Social Justice Initiative

“They were very open about how they feel and a lot of things we brought up, they had never even thought about. That was very helpful because now, even though it may not stem from all the way up to the top to everybody, one or two people heard it and they can bring it up to this person and that’s a domino effect. Same thing with us. There are some things we heard today that we may not have thought about and now we can say when this situation comes up, we can explain, ‘Hey, look, I talked to them, this is what they are thinking, and this is why they are reacting the way they are.’”

The discussion was followed by virtual and live scenario-based exercises. Players were first coached by the officers on how to respond to real-life situations before putting their learnings into action and being forced to make decisions in a matter of seconds.

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